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Technical Brief: Fulfilling the sexual and reproductive rights of women living with HIV, preventing coerced and forced sterilization

The purpose of this technical brief is to promote gender-transformative, rights-based and scientifically accurate information for advocacy and service-delivery to fulfil the sexual and reproductive rights of women, girls and people who have the capacity to become pregnant, who are living with HIV. 

In doing so, we also aim to provide sufficient evidence to prevent sexual and reproductive rights violations, especially coerced and/or forced sterilization against those living with HIV. The technical brief documents that coerced and/or forced sterilization of women living with HIV is a persistent and serious human rights violation requiring urgent action.

The brief reviews components of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health (SRH) service delivery and international medical guidance to uphold and fulfil the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women living with HIV to choose if and when to have children. 

This brief is primarily intended to inform IPPF Member Associations, secretariat staff, and partners including other SRH service delivery organizations and stakeholders. The brief reinforces IPPF’s position and commitment to person-centred and rights-based HIV care that is integrated within a comprehensive package of SRH services.

Download the technical brief below in English or Spanish. 



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