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The power of pleasure in your hands- masturbation may


Reclaiming our power to pleasure ourselves

When was the last time you erotically touched your body to pleasure yourself?

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When was the last time you erotically touched your body to pleasure yourself? 


Months ago? Today? Was it the last time you were alone at home? Do you remember? Let's speak without shame or fear: masturbation is  gooooood. Some people do it to get off, others to sleep better, others to prepare the scene for more sexual activities with partners. The reason doesn’t matter, May is the month dedicated to Masturbation, so it is a good time to take a deeper dive into it.


The perfect touch 

Masturbation is the erotic stimulation of our bodies, more specifically, the genitals. We can do it with our hands, pillows, sex-toys and many other ways. Our creativity is our limit. And we can do it alone or by allowing other people to do it for us. Through masturbation, we can learn about our body, what arouses us, what we like and what we don’t.  

It is also a great way to feel sexual pleasure.  The purpose can vary. There are people who don't feel ready to have sex and there are times when we don't want to be with other people. It doesn’t matter. With or without a partner, the reason that makes us want to masturbate is that it can give us a lot of pleasure. Yes! It feels good.  

We feel pleasure when we touch ourselves, when we find our own right movement and the level of pressure to fill our nervous system with the happy hormones – endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. That’s why masturbating is good not only at that moment, but also after the orgasm, helping us to lower the stress, to block pain, and to relax throughout the day. Moreover, allowing ourselves to achieve this level of pleasure is a firm sign that we are taking good care of our body and mind 


Dial up the sexy


Reclaiming our power to pleasure ourselves 

Picture this: you walk into your favourite coffee shop, straightforward to the counter and very sure of yourself and you order your preferred drink, whatever it is. You choose the beverage, the size, the syrup flavour, the sweetener, and temperature. You pay the bill and wait at the end of the counter. They call out your name and, finally, you take that first sip that you desired so much. What does it taste like? How does it feel?  

There are few things that can compare to this feeling, the empowerment that comes with asking exactly for what you want--- and getting it 

In a coffee shop, in life, and in sexual practices, getting to the point where you know exactly what you want can be a little tricky, and sometimes it takes time. Masturbation is a journey to understand our sexual preferences and desires. Claiming our power to pleasure ourselves is about adding more possibilities rather than only experiencing it with others. It’s about developing the power of knowing what works best for us and being able to make it happen. 

Let’s not forget that pleasure is also a political issue, which has to do with our right to our bodies. Hence, masturbation is too. Societies often feel geared towards norms and end up imposing impose shame, fear and misinformation about masturbation. In many countries and cultures our sexuality has been turned into a taboo. However, acts of self-enjoyment, like masturbation, can be a form of resistance against this system. By reclaiming our time and our bodies, and the use of both for our pure pleasure, we recover our right to decide about our lives.  


Find your sweet spot


An act of self-care 

Self-care has been addressed in different ways over time. Recently, mostly due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been used to refer to acts of self-enjoyment, hobbies, and new habits, such as adopting organic food, exercise practices, greater water intake, and encouraging a more positive and healthy way of living And YES, we’re here for it. This rise of the self-care movement has underpinned the importance of carrying out activities that centre our well-being. 

Masturbation then, encompasses self-care very well Besides reducing the stress and improving sleep, it also boosts our immunity system, and it is linked to lower prostate cancer in people with penis and reduced risk of urinary infections in people with vulvas, while also improving cognitive functioning and self-image And let’s not forget: pleasure is also a vital aspect of our mental and physical well-being.  

Along with masturbation, there’s other decisions and acts we can take to achieve our pleasure and self-care, such as making informed decisions on the contraceptive method that best suits our needs, planning on reproductive choices, on our career, and on leisure activities, as well as deciding on having abortions or continuing pregnancies when we’re faced with a positive pregnancy test.  

Did you ever think about it? 

Finishing off 

Masturbation is an act of pleasure, but also a reminder that you are the expert: what feels right and what doesn’t is up to you. You have - literally- the power in your hands In bed, or in society, alone, in a group or with a partner, you will always be the one who knows what is the best for you😉 Happy Masturbation May! 



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