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The Caribbean Observatory on SRHR

Data and Advocacy critical to shaping SRHR in the Caribbean

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Introducing the Caribbean SRHR Observatory: Coming Soon

Caribbean Observatory on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, an initiative spearheaded by IPPF Americas and the Caribbean Regional Office (IPPF ACRO). We are proudly collaborating with a dynamic coalition of Caribbean organizations committed to the well-being of our region in order to secure data and insights that are critical to shaping SRHR in the Caribbean. 

We recognize that building an equitable future necessitates forging unbreakable links between access to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and the elimination of gender-based inequities especially in the form of Gender Based Violence in our Communities. The observatory platform will host a cutting-edge data visualization and knowledge platform in order to champion robust policies and pioneering programs aimed at eradicating Gender-Based Violence from our society.

Empowering Change:
Alongside our partners, The Caribbean Observatory is poised to be the catalyst for transformative change. It will unite a wealth of evidence-based data that will encompass the multi-county landscape that is Caribbean sexual and reproductive health and rights. This singular repository will serve as the bedrock of informed decisions, driving effective action and impactful change.

A Unified Vision:
In our united pursuit of a future where fundamental rights are not just recognized but upheld, the Caribbean SRHR Observatory will stand as a beacon of hope. We envision a Caribean where everyone, irrespective of their background or circumstance, receives the care, respect, and dignity they inherently deserve.

Your Invitation:
We extend a warm invitation to each one of you, irrespective of your role or background, to embark on this transformative journey with us. As we collectively navigate toward a brighter, healthier Caribbean for all, your presence, support, and active engagement are vital to our shared success.

Join Us:
Visit us at our digital hub coming soon at COSRHR.com, where a wealth of knowledge, resources, and opportunities for collaboration await. Together, let's ignite a positive shift, driving lasting change and fostering a future that honors the rights and well-being of every individual across our Caribbean community.



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About IPPF Americas and the Caribbean Regional Office (ACRO):

For over 70 years, IPPF has been a global healthcare provider and a prominent advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) worldwide. With a network of 100 autonomous associations spanning 140 countries, including 30 Member Associations adn Collaborative Partners in the Americas and Caribbean Region, IPPF's presence is reinforced by regional office locations in Mexico and Trinidad and Tobago.

About the Caribbean Observatory on SRHR:

Our mission: to advocate for robust policy and programs for the elimination of Gender Based Violence in our society by forging indispensable links to accessibility of SRHR. The Observatory platform will empower this work through the most comprehensive evidence-based data in Caribbean sexual reproductive health and rights, all in one place. Together, we stand united in our pursuit of a future where fundamental rights are upheld, and everyone receives the care they deserve.