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In Colombia, abortion is now free and legal until 24 weeks of gestation.

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History is made as Colombia decriminalizes abortion!

In Colombia, abortion is now free and legal until 24 weeks of gestation.

In a groundbreaking decision on the 21st of Feburay 2022, Colombia's Constitutional Court decriminalized abortion during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy.

IPPF Americas and The Caribbean (ACRO) stands with Member Association Profamilia as we celebrate this historic decision and recognize the fight of the feminist movement in Colombia for this achievement!

In a statement to the Guardian Newspaper Eugenia Lopez Uribe, Regional Director for IPPF ACRO reminded us “While today we are celebrating this historic decision, the Green Wave is strong and growing, and the fight for reproductive rights and justice will not end until every person can access high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare when and where they need it.


From now on a combined system for accessing abortion is considered: 

1)Free and legal until 24 weeks of gestation, after this time:

2) the 3 causals (C-355/06) and are as follows:

  • When the pregnancy represents a risk to the physical or mental health of the woman or person with the possibility of gestation.
  • When it is product of sexual violence. 
  • And for fetal malformations incompatible with life.





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