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End The Global Gag

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Join this sign-on statement in support of permanently ending the global gag rule

Dear colleagues,

Dear colleagues,

As part of the global community that has worked in opposition to the global gag rule, we hope your organization will consider joining this sign-on statement in support of permanently ending the global gag rule. This statement recognizes international solidarity across sectors and geographies and urgently calls to end the global gag rule once and for all. As you know, this harmful policy disrupts access to health care services and information, silences health care providers and advocates, and undermines progress toward health equity. 

While President Biden has rescinded the global gag rule for now, the policy’s chilling effect lives on due to fear that it will be reinstated by a future U.S. president. Permanent repeal is urgently needed to promote sustainable progress on global health and to build and maintain long-term partnerships. 

We hope you will consider sharing your support for a permanent repeal of the global gag rule by signing on to this statement. To sign on your organization, please fill out this form by Friday May 21 and encourage other supportive partners to join you via secure listservs (please do not share the form publicly on social media). The statement from groups around the world will be made public and organizations who sign will receive a toolkit to promote the statement with your networks.  Let us know if you have any questions.

We will share translated versions for wider distribution in the coming days. Thank you for your work to advance health and human rights around the world.

In solidarity,

Alvaro Bermejo, Director-General, International Planned Parenthood Federation 

Dawn Laguens, Interim Executive Director, Planned Parenthood Global 





Contraception, Aruba, Argentina

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