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Youth activist in Colombia


Youth Month Activities

For IPPF ACRO, this date was an opportunity to make visible and recognize the work that young activists do to defend and demand that their sexual and reproductive rights be recognized.

International Youth Day is celebrated every August 12 with the aim of putting the demands and problems of young people at the center of public debate and celebrating their potential for change and social transformation. The date was instituted in 1999 by the UN General Assembly.

For IPPF ACRO, this date was an opportunity to make visible and recognize the work that young activists do to defend and demand that their sexual and reproductive rights be recognized. In this sense, IPPF ACRO's social networks launched an interactive filter for Instagram entitled "Show your Activist" to show through this social network an action that presents all the struggles of youth in the Americas and the Caribbean.

Our Member Associations (MA) promoted actions at the national level:


  • In Trinidad and Tobago, FPATT carried out a generational exchange activity between 4 people from different generations on family planning. About 15 young people participated.


  • In Peru, the Arequipa youth center held a series of workshops and a campaign on sexual and reproductive health and CSE. They worked together with other organizations. HIV and tuberculosis tests were carried out, and INNPARES services (counseling, etc.) were disseminated. In September they will hold a meeting of LGBTQ youth and adolescents at the Trans House in Arequipa.
  • In Tacna, Chimbote, Lima and Chiclayo, training was given in schools on sexual and reproductive health.
  • In Lambayeque region, CJF-CHICLAYO participated in the medical campaign "FOR THE INTEGRAL HEALTH OF YOUTH" where informative talks were held on contraceptive methods and STI prevention, in addition to free obstetric care.
  • The Centro Juvenil Futuro (Youth Future Center)  of INPPARES held an interregional meeting in Lima, to hold the 1st Forum of Adolescents and Youth Subject to Law, where more than 30 young people participated, and the National Network of Adolescents and Youth was founded for the defense of Health and Comprehensive Sexual Education that will include adolescents and young people from all over the country; and a petition of collective demands of the young people was created that would be sent to the Ministries of Education, Health and Congressmen of the Republic. Likewise, a social laboratory was carried out where a rap was created in defense of sexual and reproductive rights, which is being recorded and is about to be released.


  • In Barbados, YAM participated in a think tank on intergenerationality and ageism, specifically on the topic of sexual and reproductive health. More info here.


  • In Mexico, MEXFAM is promoting the creation of a video for the Youth Month to publicize its programs and clinics. The regional centers carried out some activities.


  • In Honduras, Llaves broadcasted on social media about sexual and reproductive rights. They also had a training group for women (Empowered Woman) who are trained in sexual and reproductive rights, most of them from the Garífuna community. They also released the monthly magazine Llaves.


  • In Colombia, the Profamilia Youth Network carried out a series of activities in different parts of the country in clinics, through workshops and multiplication actions, and spreading information through social networks. 


  • The Global Youth Connect held a webinar on "Strengthening the positive partnership between youth and adults to improve global health indicators", on August 17. More info here. 


  • Members of the Caribbean Family Planning Affiliation participated in the webinar "Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages". More info here.