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Women and Science: A long history of defying stereotypes with determination

Discover how women and girls in the Americas and the Caribbean are conquering science, defying stereotypes. Stories of courage and direct contributions to sexual and reproductive rights.

Join this inspiring journey!

Growing up they said science wasn't for women, but every day proves that the space we want, can and will be ours! From the Americas to the Caribbean islands, women and girls are making our mark by defying stereotypes and overcoming barriers to take our space in science.

This article highlights the diversity of young and adult women who make IPPF ACRO a region with a heart for communities and their people. Learn about these incredible women and their experience in science and how they contribute to the area of sexual and reproductive rights, 

These women scientists have not only expanded our understanding of the world, but are also inspiring future generations of girls to pursue their own scientific passions through their courage, ingenuity and resilience. Let's inspire more women and girls to join the exciting journey of scientific knowledge in the Americas and the Caribbean!



Americas & the Caribbean


Activism, Sexual Health

Roberta Corrêa - Enfermera en el Espacio de Salud y Sexualidad de Gestos, organización Socia Colaboradora de IPPF


Camila, 20 años, Argentina - Parte del equipo de FunDheg, organización socia colaboradora de IPPF


Lyndale Weaver - APPA, member association of IPPF


Duanie Moran - Red de jóvenes voluntarios de LLAVES (Honduras), edad 26 años


Carol, 44 años, INPPARES Perú


Jen, 53, USA, PPFA, member association of IPPF


- Becky, USA, PPFA, member association of IPPF


Aisama Rashell Fajardo 14 años, La Guajira – Colombia. Adolescente participante del Proyecto Valiente de Profamilia.


Danika, USA, PPFA, Member association of IPPF


Sharon Liseth Velázquez 23 años, Valle del Cauca – Colombia. Adolescente participante de la Red Joven de Profamilia.


- June, 47, Maryland, USA, PPFA, Member association of IPPF


Diana Torres 55 años, Bogotá – Colombia. Líder Nacional de Urología de Profamilia.


Meredith, 45, Maine, USA, PPFA, Member Association of IPPF